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Op onze FAQ pagina je onze veelgestelde vragen vinden. Staat jouw vraag er niet tussen? Neem gerust contact met ons op!


The booking process

For urgent jobs we have to alter our schedule and take extra measures to fit you in. Because of this, urgent jobs may have an additional surcharge. Please contact team Titan by phone, livechat or email to discuss options and surcharges.

We aim to send you a quote within one hour. For more information about our pricing, contact us! 

Hoe snel wij langs kunnen komen is afhankelijk van de gewenste service en de omstandigheden. Wij streven er natuurlijk altijd naar om jou zo snel mogelijk te helpen. Voor gecontracteerde klussen kunnen er vaste dagen en tijdstippen afgesproken worden. Voor spoedklussen staan wij dag en nacht klaar. Als er geen spoed is, maar je wenst toch service op dezelfde dag, adviseren wij je om contact us via phone or live chat.

Team Titan accepts urgent and last minute jobs. However, it's best to get in contact us via phone or live chat.

We want you to be just as satisfied with our services as we are. That's why we offer a satisfaction guarantee for all our services. Our job is only completed when you are satisfied with the result.

Of course! Team Titan speaks Dutch, English, German, and French. 


For urgent jobs we have to adjust our schedules and take extra measures. Because of this, there is an additional surcharge. Get in contact with Team Titan for more information.

Voor onze meubelreiniging services bieden wij de mogelijkheid met pin op locatie te betalen. Voor gecontracteerde kantoorschoonmaak of desinfectie services bieden wij de mogelijkheid om op rekening te betalen. Neem contact with Team Titan to discuss your options.

Wij rekenen voorrijkosten (€20-€25,00) voor gebieden buiten Noord-Holland en Zuid-Holland. Wij hanteren echter wel een minimum bedrag van €75,- voor het rijden naar locatie van klanten.

The price on our pages are the prices you pay. However, we do add on parking costs should you be in a paid parking area.

Our cleaning products

We use different cleaning agents from different manufacturers for our services. For more information about our cleaning products, please contact Team Titan.

We strive to use only natural and organic cleaning products that are safe for you and the environment. Our innovative disinfection products have been thoroughly tested and approved by authorities including the European Commission and the British Disinfection Association. 

Our natural cleaners work just as well as chemical cleaners. Our natural cleansers even help restore the natural microbe balance in your space. Exposure to natural cleaning agents is also better for you and the environment!

Electrostatic sanitising

Electrostatic sanitising is more efficient than traditional disinfection methods because the negatively charged disinfectant covers all surfaces and objects in a room. This means 360 ° coverage of all objects and 60% more coverage of surfaces in a room. Electrostatic disinfection is also three times faster than traditional cleaning.

Je kan de ruimte laten zoals hij is. Wij zetten het brandalarm voor het desinfecteren uit om te voorkomen dat deze tijdens het desinfecteren af gaat. Er mogen geen personen aanwezig zijn in de ruimte tijdens en kort na het desinfecteren. Dit voor jouw veiligheid en die van anderen. 

During disinfection it is recommended to remove all plugs from the mains. This is only a precaution to ensure complete safety for your electronic devices. Otherwise, our disinfectants pose no risk to your electronics!

Other companies in the Netherlands offer a similar method of disinfection; "Virus fogging". However, this is not an effective method for killing bacteria and viruses in a room. The fog produced by electrostatic cleaning can be controlled, keeping your electronic devices safe. In addition, virus fogging is not half as effective when it comes to covering objects and surfaces. 

Office cleaning

How long office cleaning takes is entirely dependent on the size of the room, the regularity of cleaning and the package you select. In order to get an accurate estimate of how long your space will take to clean contact us!

That is entirely dependent on your needs and the package you select. Check out the options on our Office cleaning Page.

We offer office cleaning on a contractual and one time basis. We are also available for last minute or urgent cleaning for both our premium and basic packages.

Furniture cleaning

We clean couches, chairs and mattresses of all sizes.

We clean all fabric and suede furniture. At this moment we don't offer leather or repairing services.

Most furniture can be cleaned within one hour. However, this is dependent on the size of the furniture, the dirt, and the package you select!

Omdat de meubels gereinigd worden met vloeibare reinigingsmiddelen is het belangrijk dat jouw meubel de tijd heeft om volledig te drogen. Dit kan tussen 12 en 24 uur duren afhankelijk van het materiaal van jouw meubel. 

We strive to be as transparent as possible about the prices we offer. See our price lists on our dedicated furniture cleaning pages. We charge a surcharge for furniture that is very badly soiled or damaged.