Looking for a cleaning company for pressure washing and mold removal?

Worrying about cleaning is at the bottom of your priority list, but the top of ours. Our cleaners are trained to help provide the best version of your space by focusing on the little details.

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What makes us unique

Staff training

All our staff go through rigorous training to ensure they provide the best results, 100% of the time

Detail focused

We focus on every centimeter of your home to give it a complete reset.

Before and after

Our management team regularly audit before and after photos of jobs to ensure high standards


After we've finished, the team will take you through a walkthrough of the home. We don't take payment until you are completely satisfied


We send our staff out in teams - we can complete all cleans within a timeframe that suits you.

A picture says a thousand words

We are so confident in our work that we love to show it off. Actions speak louder than words. Check out some of our before and after photos from past services.

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Actions speak louder than words, see what our customers say!

Lucy Sumner
Lucy Sumner
The team were fantastic, friendly and professional, I couldn't recommend them more! The attention to detail was phenomenal. They cleaned places I didn't even know to check. Thank you for getting me my full deposit back!
Xueying Wong
Xueying Wong
Cosimo & Robbie were amazing professionals from the start to the end of the cleaning service. Everything was thoroughly cleaned and also they gave me cleaning hacks for future cleaning. Kudos! Will hire them again.
Candice Earley
Candice Earley
I had a lovely experience! Ani was so nice and friendly. She and her colleague really cleaned thoroughly and made sure I was happy with everything. Would highly recommend!
Simon Briggs
Simon Briggs
Fantastic service. Had a check-out clean for my appartment and they were really professional, friendly and thorough.
Chante Davies
Chante Davies
Fantastic and professional service! Ani and Charlotte went above and beyond.
Peter Forde
Peter Forde
Robbie and Cosimo did a great job! They provided a spotless clean and they were very friendly. Would recommend to anyone moving house for a through clean. The house feels like new :)
Le Phuong Ha
Le Phuong Ha
Thank you Robbie and his team for the outstanding service. The team is very professional.
guhapriya iyer
guhapriya iyer
I cannot recommend Roby and Charlotte highly enough! They did an absolutely fantastic job cleaning my home. From the moment they arrived, their professionalism and attention to detail were evident. They were thorough, efficient, and left every corner of my house sparkling clean. Not only did they exceed my expectations with their work, but they were also friendly and courteous throughout the entire process. I am incredibly impressed with their service and will definitely be using them again in the future. Thank you, Roby and Charlotte, for your outstanding work!

Additional services

We offer a range of additional services to supplement your patio/balcony clean:

Window cleaning

In combination with outdoor cleaning our staff can clean both indoor and outdoor windows on all levels of the home.

Trash removal

Should you need trash removed from the outdoor area, we can accomodate this.

Repainting outdoor areas

Should you want to refreshen the whole outside area, we have a painting team on standby for outdoor fixures and fittings.


Our team can add chemicals to the ground that help prevent moss returning over the summer period.

Anti-drip window spray

We can apply anti-drip window sprays for your windows. This helps prevent dripping from rain causing calcium deposits on your windows and frames.

Book your cleaning service!


Our specialists will carry out an initial assessment of your space. Here we will look at the materials in your outdoor area and curate a cleaning plan.

Debris removal

Any debris in your oudoor space will be collected and bagged. This includes leaves, trash, and furniture.

Cleaning detergent

The team will apply a cleaning detergent to the outdoor space - this ensures we don't need to use abrasive techniques.

Scrub + Wash

Our specialists will clean the area either by scrub machine or high pressure washing the area. This removes all green moss and dirt.

Satisfaction check

We never leave a job until our customers are 100% satisfied with the work we have done.


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We use natural, eco-friendly solutions for your furniture. This is less harsh on your furniture and stops the use of chemical substances.

Organic products

Cleaning products often contain harmful chemicals and are not always ecologically sound. We therefore only use natural and biodegradable products that are not only good for us, but also for the planet.


All of our cleaning agents are clear and odourless. This makes them perfect for all types of furniture materials and stops discolouration.


We use a mix of chemicals depending on whether the area is just dirty or contains green moss. After washing the outdoor area, we use a scrubber or a pressure washer. This depends on the material outside. For materials, such as wood, that need a less abrasive approach, we use a scrubber.

This depends on the size of the space, the method used to clean and whether any debris needs to be removed. Contact us through the quote form so we can give you a more accurate estimate.

We recommend that you be present at the beginning and end of the cleaning. Our teams are trained to keep you informed during the cleaning so that you can be present to inspect the final result.

When cleaning the outdoor area, we remove 100% of the green moss. We can treat the area to ensure that the moss does not return during the summer season. But to properly maintain your outdoor space, we recommend this treatment twice a year.

This is entirely dependent on our availability. It could be as soon as the next day. The end of the month and start of the month are our busiest periods, so make sure to book in advance!

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